Exhibition views and details
Bad Weather for Mechanical Habits, Good Weather for Drunks, 2016
Background Immunity, 2016
What's up Glitches, 2016 (Group Show)
Destreza y torpeza común, 2017
Panorama, 2017
Informational Performance, 2018

About / Инфо (RU)
Informational Performance, 2018 [pdf] (ENG)
A Conversation between Ricardo Trigo and David Armengol, 2016 [pdf] (ENG)
Ricardo Trigo por Ramón Salas. 2017 [pdf] (ESP)
Informacionalismo, 2010 - 2016 [Phd] (ESP)

Drunk Arial, 2016 [Font.otf] 
3D Screws, 2016 [zip folder] 

Last update, 2018

When Animal Impulse Produces Cultural Objects No. 1. (Feedback, 2/2), 2018 + Eraser Work Addition No. 1, 2018
PVC panel bitten by human, Fischer wall plugs bitten by human, cushions, dog food bitten by human
132 x 86 x 21 cm

Untitled, 2018
Dog food bitten by human

When Animal Impulses Produce Cultural Objects No. 1. (Feedback, 2/2), 2018
Dog bed, wall plugs made in China and bitten by dog, Serrano ham fat, plastic chinese soup food container bitten by dog
90 x 60 x 20 cm

Oriented Combustions (Sketch Research No. 2. Feedback, 1/2), 2018
PVC bucket, natural charcoal scrawl on paper, laser photocopy, high voltage transformer (DC 3v to 400kV)
Ø 26 cm x 31 cm

Oriented Combustions (Sketch Research No. 2. Feedback, 2/2), 2018
PVC lid, PVC hose filled with toner, natural charcoal
Ø 26 cm x 7 cm

Informational Performance, 2018
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