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Exhibition views and details
Bad Weather for Mechanical Habits, Good Weather for Drunks, 2016
Background Immunity, 2016
What's up Glitches, 2016 (Group Show)
Destreza y torpeza común, 2017
Panorama, 2017

A Conversation between Ricardo Trigo and David Armengol, 2016 [pdf] (ENG)
Ricardo Trigo (fragmento del catálogo Crisis?, What Crisis? Modernismos Posmodernos), por Ramón Salas. 2017 [pdf] (ESP)

Drunk Arial, 2016 [Font.otf] 
3D Screws, 2016 [zip folder] 


Destreza y torpeza, X, 2017
Chopsticks and bitten Fischer wall plugs

Exhibition view Destreza y torpeza común (2017) at Cosa, Madrid. Curated by Maria Menchaca and Alejandro Castañeda. All photos by Ignacio Leal

Serial Deduction No. 4 + (mosquito gif addition No. 3) 2017
Four wooden boxes for transporting commercial wine, 16 bulk wine bottles , natural cork stoppers, synthetic cork stoppers, broken plexiglass panel, 3D printed screws, industrial screws, 3D printing filaments, dried pork intestines, Detergent with enzymes and wall dust
140 x 40 x 40 cm

Destreza y torpeza, Y, 2017
T-shirt with wine stains washed with enzymatic detergent

Destreza y torpeza, Z, 2017
Ultrasonic Insect repellent and Ultrasonic mouse repellent
Audio, 3 min