Exhibition views and details
Bad Weather for Mechanical Habits, Good Weather for Drunks, 2016
Background Immunity, 2016
What's up Glitches, 2016 (Group Show)
Destreza y torpeza común, 2017
Panorama, 2017
When Animal Impulses Produce Cultural Objects, 2018
Standard Horizons for Thunderstorms, 2018

A Conversation between Ricardo Trigo and David Armengol, 2016 [pdf] (ENG)
Ricardo Trigo (fragmento del catálogo Crisis?, What Crisis? Modernismos Posmodernos), por Ramón Salas. 2017 [pdf] (ESP)
Informacionalismo. Formas de colonización del progreso técnico sobre prácticas artísticas. 2010 - 2016 [Phd] [pdf] (ESP)

Drunk Arial, 2016 [Font.otf] 
3D Screws, 2016 [zip folder] 

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Destreza y torpeza, X, 2017
Chopsticks and bitten Fischer wall plugs

Exhibition view Destreza y torpeza común (2017) at Cosa, Madrid. Curated by Maria Menchaca and Alejandro Castañeda. All photos by Ignacio Leal

Serial Deduction No. 4 + (mosquito gif addition No. 3), 2017
Four wooden boxes for transporting commercial wine, 16 bulk wine bottles, natural cork stoppers, synthetic cork stoppers, broken plexiglass panel, 3D printed screws, industrial screws, 3D printing filaments, dried pork intestines, detergent with enzymes and wall dust
140 x 40 x 40 cm

Destreza y torpeza, Y, 2017
T-shirt with wine stains washed with enzymatic detergent

Destreza y torpeza, Z, 2017
Ultrasonic Insect repellent and Ultrasonic mouse repellent
Audio, 3 min